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Illustrate Probability with Conditional Formatting

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In this extension, you will make your probability data easier to understand by using conditional formatting.

Conditional formatting changes the background color of cells in a spreadsheet that contains certain words or numbers.

This helps your viewer see the most important parts of your data without having to read through the entire sheet.

You can apply conditional formatting to your Probability column to make it easy to see which outcomes are most likely and which are least likely.

To start, open your probability spreadsheet.

Select all of the results in the Probability column.

Then, use the toolbar to open the conditional formatting menu.

The data in the Probability column shows the likelihood of rolling each possible outcome.

To visualize this data, create a color scale that assigns each number a particular shade of color.

Change the minpoint -- or lowest value -- dropdown from min value to number.

The lowest number in your column is two point eight percent.

This appears as a decimal.

Next, update the other dropdowns to numbers as well.

Your middle and highest numbers will appear in the menu next to the midpoint and maxpoint.

Choose a color to represent the least likely outcome.

Then, choose another color to represent the most likely outcome.

The midpoint color automatically blends the minpoint color and the maxpoint color.

Now, when you look at your table, it’s easy to see which outcomes are the most likely...

And which are the least likely.

Great work!

Now, it’s your turn: Apply conditional formatting to your probability calculations Select a color scale, Choose colors for the minpoint and maxpoint, And look at your data to see which outcomes are most likely and which are least likely.

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