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Format Titles and Tables with Google Sheets

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In this extension, you will format titles and tables in your spreadsheet using Google Sheets formatting tools.

Formatting makes your spreadsheet more interesting for your viewers and helps show your data more clearly.

To start, open your probability spreadsheet and make a copy.

Title it.

Then, create a title for the table you made.

Insert two rows above the table to make room for your title.

Type a title.

Merge the cells above your table.

Merging combines two or more cells into a single cell.

Next, center your title.

Make your title stand out by changing the font and size...

and making it bold.

Next, choose a font style.

Experiment with different fonts to pick your favorite.

Be as formal or as fun as you want.

Then, select a text color... and a fill color for your background.

Finally, put a border around the table.

Borders, just like text, may have different colors, sizes and designs.

Nice job!

You’ve added a lot of visual interest to your table.

Now you can clearly see the table of dice combinations -- and your data looks more interesting as well.

Continue experimenting with fill and text colors to emphasize different parts of your data.

Now, it’s your turn: Try out formatting options on the data in your spreadsheet, Then, create and format a title for the data in your sheet by merging cells; adding a title; and changing the font style, size, and color.

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