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Create an Event Based on the Weather Forecast

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Calculating probability can help you make decisions about the future.

A weather forecast is one way to use probability in everyday life.

In this extension, you will use Google Search and Google Calendar to create an event based on the weather forecast.

You will: review the forecast to plan for the upcoming week, determine the best day for a picnic you’re planning, And invite guests.

You will use Google Calendar to record the date and time of the event, enter important details, and send guests an invite.

First, check your local weather for the upcoming week.

Open a new tab in your browser and go to google dot com.

Search for weather in your location to see the weekly weather forecast.

Weather data for the upcoming week appear in your search results.

For each day, there is a brief description of the weather.

You can also see: the high and low temperature, the chance of rain or snow, the speed and direction of wind, and the level of humidity.

For your picnic, you would probably prefer a day with a high probability of sunny weather.

But, you’d also likely want to choose a day that is not too hot, humid, or windy.

Use the data from the weather forecast to choose a day.

Start with days that have a high probability of sun and a low probability of rain.

Also consider other factors such as temperature, wind, and humidity.

Once you have chosen a date and time for your picnic, open Google Calendar.

Create a new event.

Then, give it a title.

Enter the date and time of your event.

Then, add other event details, such as the location and description of the event.

Next, send an invite to your guests.

Add a name and then select someone from your contacts list.

Or, type an email address to invite someone not in your contacts list.

When you save your event, your invite will be sent to your guests.

They will receive an email inviting them to your picnic.

When they RSVP, you’ll be alerted with an email.

Good work!

You calculated the probability of nice weather, then scheduled an event based on that data.

Now, it’s your turn: Review the weather forecast, and choose a date and time for your picnic, Open Google Calendar and create a new event, Record the date, time, and other important event details, And send an invite to guests.

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