6. Share Information About Good Digital Habits Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you worked as a group to create a project that teaches others about digital wellbeing.

To complete this lesson, you: Shared your digital wellbeing pledge with adults at your school, and discussed their thoughts about screen time, Formed groups and decided which digital wellbeing guidelines and habits to share with your classmates, And planned a project to create and share around your school.

Then, your group collaborated to make: Posters with tips for digital wellbeing, A website with information about digital health and technology use, Or a presentation with ideas for digital wellbeing and stories about using technology.

Then, you shared your projects to teach others how to balance digital and other activities and develop good digital habits.

Digital devices help everyone connect and share, but it’s important to make sure that the way devices are used at school and home support healthy habits and relationships.

Your teamwork on this project helps others in your community explore the role that digital devices play in their lives and reflect on how they use technology.

By talking to your group and teaching others, you may have also learned something new yourself.

Keep having conversations and sharing information to maintain strong digital habits and help others do the same.