2. Choose and Plan Your Project

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In this video, you will choose a project type and plan your project about healthy digital device use.

This lesson uses Google Docs, but you could apply these skills and concepts in any word processing application, or even on a piece of paper.

To begin, open your group’s project-planning document at your own computer.

With the planning document open, discuss your pledges or your research.

Then answer the following questions with your group: What are the things your classmates need to know about using digital devices in a balanced way?

How much time do you spend using digital devices?

How much time do you spend doing other things?

Are there times or places where you think it’s better not to use technology?

What could you change about your device use?

What steps would you recommend that others take to balance their device use?

Collaborate in the shared document to add your answers.

Each group member works in the document at the same time and contributes from their own computer.

You will be able to see what your classmates type, and they will be able to see what you contribute.

These notes will help you create your project.

Next, choose a project type based on the information you want to share and your target audience.

Your teacher may instruct you to choose a specific project.

You might make posters with brief tips that can be displayed at your school for other students to see and learn from.

Or you could make a website to share detailed information and guidelines for others to explore.

You can promote the site by sharing the URL or linking to the site from social media or another website.

You can also add more information to the site later on.

Or you might build a slideshow.

A slideshow presents information in a specific order.

You can share it digitally, give a presentation, or open it on a shared computer for people to see.

Once your group or class chooses a project, organize your information.

Collaborate in your project planning document to create an outline of the information your project will include.

List at least three pieces of information to communicate to your school about digital wellbeing.

If you’re designing posters, choose three tips to share.

Word the tips, so they can be read quickly, and choose a title for each poster.

If you’re building a website, decide which information people should see first.

This will display on the homepage, or the first page of your site.

If you’re creating a presentation, decide which tips and pieces of advice should begin the slideshow.

Now, it’s your turn: Discuss what information you want to share, Choose a project type, Decide how information should be ordered in your project, And create an outline.

Then, move on to the video that matches your project type.


  1. Discuss what information you should share.
  2. Choose a project type.
  3. Decide how information should be ordered in your project.
  4. Create a project outline.