6. Pledge to Build Better Digital Balance Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you conducted interviews, gathered information, and created a pledge to keep good digital habits.

To complete your pledge, you: Chose important adults in your life to interview about your digital habits, Created a questionnaire for each interview, And interviewed each person.

Next you: Reviewed their responses, And used their concerns to create guidelines for future device use.

Then you: Wrote a pledge promising to follow your guidelines, Formatted your pledge to make it look appealing, Shared your pledge with important adults in your life, And joined them in completing a commitment to your digital wellbeing.

Continue thinking about your digital wellbeing.

If you think you need to make additional changes to your digital habits, add them to your guidelines.

Devices are powerful tools that help you do important things at school, work, and home with family and friends.

Balance your device use so that you look forward to using your devices for important and special tasks.

Find ways to connect with others and the world around you both on and offline so that you engage with people and activities in meaningful ways that support your learning and growth.