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In the previous video, you interviewed at least one adult to learn their thoughts about digital habits.

In this video, you will review each participant’s responses and use them to create guidelines for how you will use technology in the future.

Then, you will create a pledge that you will sign to commit to following your guidelines.

You will share your pledge with others and ask them to sign it, too.

By discussing your digital habits with people who care about you, and including them in your pledge, you will build a network of people to support your digital wellbeing.

To begin, open your Google Drive.

Create a new document for your pledge and rename it.

Then, give your pledge a title.

Next, open your questionnaires.

Look over the responses from your interviews.

Read each questionnaire carefully to identify concerns and ideas.

Notice comments that suggest changes to your habits.

Think about how you might use devices in a healthier way and changes you could make to enjoy life both on and off a screen.

Then, return to your pledge.

In your pledge document, create at least three guidelines for good digital habits based on what people said in your interviews.

Guidelines are rules or steps to take.

Your guidelines form a plan to support your digital wellbeing.

As you create your guidelines, you might include: When and where you will and won’t use your devices, How you will use your devices, Activities without technology that you will include in your day, And how much total screen time you will have each day.

Remember, a pledge is a formal promise to do something.

Include specific things you plan to do in your guidelines.

The more specific your guidelines are, the easier it will be to follow them and keep your promise.

End your document with a commitment to follow your guidelines.

Include how you will support others in following them, too.

Make a space for people to sign their name.

Finally, format your document.

Add creative fonts, formatting, and images so that you’re motivated to sign and keep your pledge.

If you search for an image, make sure you have the right to use the image.

Nice work!

Now, it’s your turn: Review your interview responses, Create a document for your pledge, Add three or more guidelines for your future digital habits, Write a closing pledge to sign, And format and decorate your pledge.

Then move on to the next video to share your pledge.


  1. Review your interview responses.
  2. Create a document for your pledge.
  3. Add three or more guidelines for your future digital habits.
  4. Write a closing pledge to sign.
  5. Format and decorate your pledge.