1. Build Healthy Digital Habits Wrap-Up

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In these lessons, you explored the important role digital devices play in your life and the lives of the people around you.

You discovered how to create a healthy balance between digital and non-connected activities, and you worked with others in your life to build some good lifelong habits for digital device use.

Depending on which lessons you completed, you...

Kept a journal of your digital and non-digital activities and reflected on how they made you feel.

Interviewed adults in your life about digital device use, and created a pledge for good digital habits.

Or worked with your classmates to make a project that teaches people in your school about digital wellbeing.

Digital devices allow you to communicate, work, create, imagine, and play!

But computers, tablets, and smartphones are also powerful tools.

Like any tool, it’s important to learn how to use them safely and wisely.

Used in balance, digital devices have many benefits.

But, it’s also easy to let them get in the way of other important activities and relationships.

In these lessons, you spent time discussing your digital habits and technology use with adults and classmates at your school.

Keep having those kinds of conversations, so you develop a community that supports healthy technology use and create a balance for digital devices that is right for you.

After completing these lessons, you might decide to make changes in your life to achieve a different balance of technology.

Or, you might decide that the balance you have now is right for you.

Your experiences with these lessons and your daily technology habits may be different than those of your classmates, and that’s okay.

Everyone uses technology differently and has different approaches to screen time in their lives.

Digital wellbeing isn’t about making huge changes in your life or putting your phone away forever.

It’s an awareness of how, when, and where you use devices.

It’s also about being aware of how technology and digital communication can make you and others feel.

By reflecting on your screen time with others, you’ve taken an important step toward creating healthy digital habits that can last a lifetime.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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