6. Reflect on Your Activities and Share

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In the previous video, you added emojis to your activities journal to show how activities with and without technology made you feel.

In this video, you will add another slide and write a reflection summarizing the days in your journal.

Then, you will share the presentation with a teacher, friend, or family member.

A reflection helps you to think carefully about the activities and feelings in your activities journal.

Thinking about the different activities you did and how they made you feel can help you see where your daily routine is working well and where you might want to make changes.

To begin, go to the reflection slide included in your project.

Replace the header text with your own title.

Then, write a paragraph in part one that answers the following questions: What activities made you feel good or made you happy?

Which days did you feel best?

Did you feel better on days with more or less screen time?

Delete each question after you answer it in your reflection.

Pause this video now and finish writing part one of your reflection.

Resume the video when you’ve finished answering the questions.

Great work!

In part two of your reflection, make a plan for your future activities.

What would you change?

Name three things you will do differently to change your activities and digital habits.

And describe how you will balance your daily device use with other activities.

Pause the video now and complete your plan in part two of the reflection.

When your reflection is complete, share your journal with your teacher, parent, older sibling adult relative, guardian or caretaker, or coach.

Talk with them about how they view your screen time and technology use.

You can also discuss how they use technology, and suggest they make a plan to balance their device use with other activities.You can even ask them to make their own journal!

Together, you can join your family, friends, and teachers to find the best ways to use technology for your benefit and wellbeing.

Now it's your turn: give your reflection slide a title, answer the questions on the slide, make a plan for future activities, and share your journal with adults at school and home.


  1. Give your reflection slide a title.
  2. Answer the questions on the slide.
  3. Make a plan for future activities.
  4. Share your journal with adults at school and home.