3. Fill in Digital Activities

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In the previous video, you created a presentation in Google Slides to begin your journal.

In this video, you will think about your daily screen time and digital activities and list them in your journal.

A digital activity is any activity that involves technology or devices.

Tracking and thinking about how you spend your time helps you to manage your time on and offline.

To begin, add your name to your project’s title slide.

Then, on the next slide, add the date of the first day that you will record in your journal.

You might start with yesterday, last weekend, or even today.

Your teacher might instruct you to begin with a specific day.

Think about your day, the devices you used, and the activities that you did using a screen.

In the text box, add at least two activities you did on a computer or device.

After each activity, include how much time you spent.

It’s okay to guess the amount of time if you’re not sure.

Include details about your screen time, such as: If you were alone or with others, Where were you, And why you used the device.

If you like, organize your activities in a bulleted list to make your journal easier to read.

Click the bulleted list icon, enter your text, and use the tab key to indent.

Then, add more slides to record more days.

Duplicate your finished slide to make a new slide for each additional day that you want to include in your journal...

...And, as the week goes on, update each slide with your digital activities for that day.

Nice work!

Now, it’s your turn: Add your name to your title slide, Label the day and date, Add at least two screen-time activities with details, And add more activities slides for each day in your journal.

Then, move on to the next video where you will add non-digital activities to your journal.


  1. Add your name to your title slide.
  2. Label the day and date.
  3. Add at least two screen-time activities with details.
  4. Add more activities slides for each day in your journal.