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In the previous videos, you listed digital and non-digital activities in your journal.

Sometimes, what you do affects how you feel.

You might find that your energy levels, mood, or attitude is different depending on what you did on a particular day.

Thinking about how you felt after doing different types of activities can help you create a healthy routine that makes you feel your best.

In this video, you will think about how the activities you recorded in your journal made you feel, physically and mentally.

Then, you’ll use emojis to express those feelings and share them with others.

To begin, go to the first day in your journal.

Look over your digital activities and think about these questions: How did you feel during each activity?

Did your mood or attitude change during the activity?

For example, maybe you got tired or felt energized.

Or maybe you felt restless or bored.

Then, go to the last slide in your project.

Select an emoji to show how you felt overall after your first day’s digital activities.

It’s okay if you don’t remember exactly how you felt, but try to choose an emoji that accurately shows your feelings.

Copy the emoji that best expresses your overall mood...

...And return to the slide with your first day’s activities.

Then, paste the emoji under your digital activities.

If you felt more than one way, add another emoji.

You can also add an emoji for each activity if you’d like.

Now consider how your activities without technology made you feel.

Repeat these same steps to choose emojis that show how you felt after non-digital activities.

Great work!

Now, go through the rest of your slides and choose emojis for the activities that you recorded for each day.

Assign at least one emoji to your digital activities...

...and assign at least one emoji to your activities without technology.

Now, it’s your turn: Select emojis to show how digital and non-digital activities made you feel, Copy emojis from the last slide, And paste them below each type of activity in your slides.

Then move on to the next video to reflect on your week’s activities and share your journal with others.


  1. Select emojis to show how digital and non-digital activities made you feel.
  2. Copy emojis from the last slide.
  3. Paste them below each type of activity in your slides.