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5. Preview and Send Your Form

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In this video, you will preview your form for the last time and send it to members of your organization.

You can distribute your form by: Emailing it...

Linking it in a chat...

Linking it in your social media accounts...

Or embedding it in a website.

When you embed a link, you copy and paste a unique code into a website.

Anyone with access to your site will then be able to see and fill out the form.

Before you send the form, preview it one last time to be sure it looks the way you want it.

Edit your form if you find any errors or omissions, and you may want to have a classmate review it as well.

Decide how you will distribute your form.

Enter the email addresses of your recipients.

If you would like, change the subject and message fields.

Check the box to include the form in the email and click send.

All that’s left to do is wait for people to fill out your form.

You will get an email notification when a response comes in if you chose that option.


  1. Preview your form one last time.
  2. Decide how you will send the form to members of your organization.
  3. Send the form.