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3. Add Questions to Your Form

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In this video, you will add questions to your form to ask your customers.

You will also choose the ways in which they can respond.

...such as their size if they are ordering a piece of clothing.

To begin, create a question to collect customer names.

After you put in your text, the question type will update automatically to short answer.

This is because customers will be typing in their own name, not selecting a choice.

Make the questions required so people don’t accidentally skip over anything while filling out the form.

A red asterisk will appear in the form to let customers know they must answer this question to move on to the next one.

Add the next question.

At times, forms will automatically provide response suggestions based on the question type.

For example, if you are creating a t-shirt order form for your organization, size options will appear below your question if you type "T-Shirt Size” in the question field.

Add some of the listed choices or all of them.

Add another question.

Choose the type of response you need from multiple choice, short answer, or another type.

In this case, the question requires a multiple choice answer, since there are a limited number of choices.

Add any remaining questions and choose how the recipients should respond.

Re-order your questions if you would like.

Preview your form at any time to see what it will look like to a recipient.


  1. Add four or more questions and the responses you would like on your form.
  2. Re-order the questions.
  3. Preview your form.