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2. Add a Description and Choose a Design

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In this video, you will add a description to your form.

You will also choose the colors for your form and change the formatting of the text.

To begin, go to the form you created in the last video.

Add a description.

The description should provide clear information about the purpose of the form.

When people look at your form, they should have no doubt why they are filling it out.

Next, choose a color for your form’s banner and background.

The banner is the design element at the top of your form.

The background color will fill the space not taken up by the form fields.

Choose colors that match or complement your school, organization, or business.

For example, if you are hosting a sale for your school’s parent-teacher organization, you might choose the school colors.

If you are holding an event for Earth Day, you might want to choose shades of green for your form.

Now, change the text formatting to match the font you use for your school or business marketing materials.

A consistent look helps your customers remember your organization and brand the next time they see your materials.


  1. Add a description to your form.
  2. Choose theme and background colors.
  3. Change the text formatting.