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Now that you’ve added your work samples, your site is ready to be published, which lets the public view it on the internet.

To publish your site, you will share your site with a partner and use the publish-unpublish options to put your site up and take it down.

This lets you get feedback before your site goes live and take it off the internet if you need to.

When you publish your site, everything you’ve added to it will be made public.

Unless your portfolio is for a business, don’t share any personal information.

Before you publish your site, it’s a good idea to share it with someone you trust, so they can give you feedback on it.

When you share your site, you can invite people to edit it, or give them permission to view it once it’s published.

When you invite others to edit, they can make changes to your website.

It's helpful to have another person look for and fix typos, grammar problems, and so on.

Your reviewer will be able to use all the site's features as well.

If you only want them to give you general feedback, ask them to email you instead.

When you’re ready, publish your website.

Your site is now live!

Now anyone can find, see, and interact with your website.

Now that your site is live, if you make changes to it, you will need to republish the website for the changes to appear online.

Finally, if you need to take down your site for any reason, unpublish it.

This removes it from the internet, so no one can see it.

You can always publish it again later.

Now, it’s your turn. Share your site with someone for review, and publish your website.


  1. Share your site with someone for review.
  2. Publish your website.