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Your portfolio is a living document.

As you grow and learn new skills, it should reflect them.

Since you’re already learning new skills and creating projects in school, this is the ideal place to share them!

In this extension, you’ll add, link, or embed other work you’ve created to your portfolio.

These should be the pieces of work you are most proud of and that show off your talents, skills, and growth.

You’ll add navigation links, upload your projects, and embed your files This gives you a chance to explain what you’ve learned and show your audience how your skills are growing.

To begin, open a new tab.

Then, open your site.

Next, add a link to the navigation bar at the top of your website.

Your audience will see from every page on your site, so it is a good place for important information, like a resume.

You can choose to have your work open in a new tab or in the same window as your site.

Then, insert a text box and describe your work piece.

Include the name of the project as a heading, then add what you learned in regular text.

This helps organize your information, so it’s easier for your audience to understand.

Next, embed your project.

Embed is mainly for internet-based projects like websites.

It lets you link to the web page directly, so your audience doesn’t have to leave your site.

Use upload to add images from your computer or from Drive.

Then, upload files from your Drive, so your audience can view them on your site.

Add a label for each item you add.

This tells your audience what the file is.

Finally, change the section color.

If you’re adding multiple pieces of work, this lets your audience know they’re viewing a new piece.

Each addition builds a stronger portfolio that can help impress college admissions personnel or even future employers.

Now, it’s your turn. Link a project to your navigation bar, insert a text box to describe your work, embed or upload your work materials, label each item, and change the section color for each piece.

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Use Google Drawings to create a personal logo for your site.

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Explore how to organize your information into subpages.

Create a Browser Icon

Customize your site even further by adding a favicon.

Add Inspirational Quotes and Images

Search for images and quotes to personalize your website.

Change Your Site's Design

Explore the different theme and section options available to you.

Upload Other Work

Upload any other completed work in this ongoing extension.


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