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In this extension, you’ll create your own favicon in Google Drawings and add it to your site.

A favicon is a small icon that appears on a browser tab.

This is an image that represents a website, just like a logo represents a person or a company.

A favicon makes your website stand out and helps your audience identify you and your work.

In this video, you will create a new canvas in Google Drawings, add a shape, add text or WordArt, and save and upload your favicon to your site.

The icon in this extension uses shape and initials, but those are just some of the elements you can add.

If you created a logo in another extension, make your favicon match it.

This creates a strong look and identity for your portfolio site and helps your audience connect to you and your work.

If you haven’t, think about the purpose of your portfolio.

You can design your icon around this.

To begin, open a new tab and sign in to your Google account.

Then, go to Google Drive.

Create a new Google Drawing, and give it a descriptive name.

This will help you find it later.

The blank area in the center is where you’ll design your icon.

Click the buttons above the blank drawing area to add lines, shapes, text boxes, and images.

These are the basics of your logo design.

Next, add a shape.

To resize your shape, click and drag the squares on its border.

Since favicons are very small, make your shape fill most, if not all, of the area.

Then, change the fill color for your shape.

You might also want to change the thickness or color of the shape’s border to make it stand out more.

Next, add a text box for your initials.

Click and drag the box to place it in the correct position.

Your initials need to be large in order to be seen, so pick a font, size, and color that makes them easy to read on your site.

Now that your favicon is done, download a copy.

Select the J-P-E-G option.

Next, add your favicon to your site.

Your icon is saved on your computer, so you’ll use upload.

Your favicon will only appear once you publish your site, so if you haven’t published, do that now.

If your site is already published, re-publish it.

Many websites have their own favicons.

This small touch makes your site both more personal and professional by reinforcing the link between you and your website.

Now, it’s your turn. Open a new drawing, add a shape and your initials inside it, change the shape’s fill color and your text color, download it as a J-P-E-G, and upload your favicon to your site.

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