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In this extension, you’ll experiment with the design options in Google Sites.

The theme you chose for your portfolio gives your entire website a uniform design.

However, you can also adjust the design of individual sections of your site.

This lets you call out important items or announcements for your audience.

To do this, you will change your theme font and accent color, change section colors, and add an image background.

To begin, open a new tab, and sign in to your Google account.

Then, open your site.

The theme you selected in the main lesson is already applied.

Your theme controls how your text, called the font, looks, as well as any accent colors.

You can change these to give your site a different look.

Next, change your font.

Each theme provides different fonts to choose from to make your portfolio look more professional, modern, or fun.

Then, change your accent color.

Use the preset options, or choose your own color.

Your accent color controls the color of your headings and extra features like the underline.

These changes can make a noticeable difference to the look of your site.

If you don’t want to make a portfolio-wide change, adjust a single section instead.

This directs your audience’s attention to a specific point.

Choose a section, and change its background.

This adds visual appeal to your portfolio.

By changing fonts and accent colors, you change the look and feel of your portfolio.

By changing section and background colors, you guide your audience to what you want them to focus on.

These changes provide your audience with a better experience while viewing your portfolio, which makes it more likely they’ll remember you and your work.

Now, it’s your turn. Change your site’s font and accent color, apply an emphasis color to a section, and add an image background to a separate section.

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Create a Personal Logo

Use Google Drawings to create a personal logo for your site.

Add Subpages

Explore how to organize your information into subpages.

Create a Browser Icon

Customize your site even further by adding a favicon.

Add Inspirational Quotes and Images

Search for images and quotes to personalize your website.

Change Your Site's Design

Explore the different theme and section options available to you.

Upload Other Work

Upload any other completed work in this ongoing extension.


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