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Your portfolio should be organized, so your audience can find information easily.

Separating your site info into pages is one way to do this.

Adding subpages is another, and it lets you organize your website even further.

For example, instead of placing all your writing samples on one page, you could separate them into subpages for class assignments, projects, or blog posts.

In this extension, you’ll add at least one subpage to your portfolio.

You will add a subpage to your Work page, give it a title, and add work samples or files to it.

To begin, sign in to your Google account, and open your portfolio website.

Then, go to the Pages tab.

This displays all the pages currently on your site and is where you’ll add your subpage.

Next, add a subpage to your Work page.

Feel free to add more than one.

Right now, your subpage is empty, but you can add content to it just like any other page.

Next, add a new work sample, or move one you added during the main project.

If you have more than one subpage, make sure your work is going to the right location.

This keeps your site organized, and helps your audience find the content they’re looking for.

Finally, add a description of your sample.

Include information to help your audience understand your work, such as what it is and when and why you created it.

Your portfolio may include many different types of media.

Adding subpages is one way to keep your work organized, so you and your audience can always find what you’re looking for.

Now, it’s your turn. Open your portfolio’s list of pages, add a subpage to your Work page, give it a title, and add a work sample and description.

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Create a Personal Logo

Use Google Drawings to create a personal logo for your site.

Add Subpages

Explore how to organize your information into subpages.

Create a Browser Icon

Customize your site even further by adding a favicon.

Add Inspirational Quotes and Images

Search for images and quotes to personalize your website.

Change Your Site's Design

Explore the different theme and section options available to you.

Upload Other Work

Upload any other completed work in this ongoing extension.


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