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Now that you’ve designed your site and added an introduction, upload your work.

To do that, you will use add another page and embed links or upload files to add your work samples.

This will keep your site organized, so your audience can quickly and easily find your work.

This example uses writing samples, but you should add work to the page based on the purpose of your portfolio.

If you don’t have any work to share, click the starter links for this lesson and copy them to Google Drive.

To begin, add a new page to your site, and give it a name.

You can add, remove, and rename pages on your website.

This keeps your site organized by separating information into different locations.

That way, your audience can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Name your page based on the type of information or work you’re adding to it, such as writing or photos.

Make sure you’ve set the sharing permission to view only on your work samples.

This lets your audience open it without needing permission from you and prevents them from making changes.

Then, insert one of your work samples.

Startwith a piece of work you are especially proud of or consider your best.

This will keep your audience’s attention, so they won’t skim over your work.

Use the icons to insert documents, spreadsheets, files, charts, or graphs from your G Suite applications onto this page, or add files from your Drive here.

Next, add an explanation of your samples to give your audience an idea of its content.

What you write here will depend on your audience but can include when and why you created the piece of work, inspiration for the work, and any recognition that the work received.

Or use the upload option to add work.

Once you’ve added your first piece of work, repeat these steps at least twice more or until you’ve uploaded all your work.

In the next video, you’ll share your site and then publish it to the internet.

Now it’s your turn. Add a new page to your site, add a name to your page, insert a work sample, type in an explanation, and repeat steps to add more work.


  1. Add a new page to your site.
  2. Add a name to your page.
  3. Insert a work sample.
  4. Type in an explanation.
  5. Repeat the steps to add more work.