6. Build a Portfolio with Google Sites Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you used Google Sites to create, design, and publish your website for your digital portfolio.

By building a website, you can share your best work with the world without having to print and distribute it yourself.

While completing this lesson, you defined your portfolio’s purpose and created a new site for your portfolio.

You applied a theme and added a title to your website.

Then, you added an introduction and an image to your homepage.

You also learned what information you should be avoid sharing on your site.

Next, you added and titled a separate page for your work and uploaded your samples.

Finally, you shared your site with a reviewer to get feedback.

You made changes, published it to the internet, and learned how to take it down if needed.

Now that you’ve built a digital portfolio, you have a presence on the internet.

Your portfolio should give your audience a clear picture of the kind of person you are and what you’re capable of creating.

Your portfolio can also help you apply to college by showing work you’ve done, demonstrate your progress in a subject such as English or math from one year to the next, or see how you’ve grown over time.

You can continue to build on your portfolio as you complete new projects, learn new skills, and have new life experiences.

Your portfolio should grow with you and show others what you’ve achieved, so keep it updated.

You can use these new skills to create a blog and build an audience build a site for a family reunion or scrapbook, or even share your art with the world.

Building a website is a valuable skill.

Many people use the internet today to convey information and promote awareness of their business, online presence, or cause.

Best of luck to you!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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