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Now that you’ve finished adjusting your site’s design, you’ll add an introduction and an image.

This welcomes people to your portfolio site and gives them an idea of what to expect.

To do that, you will add a text box and search and upload an image.

To begin, insert a text box for your introduction.

Insert lets you add sections for text and images as well as embed links, code, or files such as documents.

Next, add a heading.

Then, type your introduction.

Focus on your work, and tell your audience about yourself.

This portfolio’s purpose is to display a student’s work from English class to show how they’ve improved.

Next, add an image to your page.

This adds visual appeal and, when paired with your introduction, the image you choose can reinforce the message you are sending to your audience.

Upload images saved on your computer, or search for the image, and make sure you have the right to use the image.

Choose an image that is appropriate for your audience and that fits the work in your portfolio.

In the next video, you’ll create another page for your work and publish your site.

Now, it’s your turn. Type in your introduction, and add an image.


  1. Type in your introduction.
  2. Add an image.