2. Add a Theme and Title to Your Website

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In this video, you’ll prepare your new site for uploading work.

To begin, you’ll create a site design by applying a theme, adding a title, and changing the header or footer on your website.

You’ll start with your homepage.

This is the first page viewers will see when they go to your website.

Your homepage is where you will briefly introduce yourself to your audience.

The homepage’s purpose may change depending on how you use your portfolio.

Your homepage should include your first name, your personal values, your skills, and your portfolio’s purpose.

Unless your portfolio is for your business or services you provide, you should not include your address or your phone number.

Don’t include your birthday or age, either.

Others can find out where you live or impersonate you online using this information, which can be dangerous.

To begin, add a theme.

Themes let you change the design, accent color, and font for your site.

There are several different themes.

Each one has a unique design, allowing you to create a look that fits your project..

Choose a theme that suits your portfolio’s purpose.

The example shown in this lesson is a student portfolio for an English class that tracks the student’s improvement.

Your site’s design will communicate your portfolio’s purpose and give the audience an impression of you.

As you select a theme and start building your site, think about what kind of message you want to send.

Then, add a title to your site.

This is how your site will appear in internet search results.

Next, give your homepage a title.

A page title should describe the content on the specific page.

Finally, change your header background.

The header appears at the top of your website.

Or include information in your footer, which appears at the bottom of your site.

This is a good place for additional or general information about you and your work, such as social media links or the year you completed your portfolio.

In the next video, you’ll complete your homepage by adding an introduction and an image.

Now, it’s your turn: apply a theme to your site, title your homepage, change your header background, and add information to the footer if you like.


  1. Apply a theme to your site.
  2. Title your page.
  3. Change your header background.
  4. Add information to the footer, if you’d like.