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Share Your Logo and Ask for Feedback

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In this extension, you will share your logo with someone and ask for their feedback.

Then, you will decide which of their suggestions to implement.

Asking for feedback on a project is a great way to get valuable suggestions and ideas from others.

It can help you improve your work and boost your creativity!

As you complete this extension, you will: Share your logo with someone, Set editing permissions, Ask for specific forms of feedback, And implement the suggestions that you like.

To begin, return to your drawing and make a copy of it.

Then, open the Share settings.

Add the email address of the person you will ask to review your logo.

Select the permission you want to use: Editor means the person you share with can make changes directly in your drawing.

Commenter allows them to make comments, but not change the logo.

And viewer lets them see your logo only.

For this extension, choose Commenter.

Before you send your drawing, open your original description list in a new tab.

Compare the items on the list with your logo.

Remind yourself why you chose each symbol, shape, or color.

Now, add a note explaining why you chose the symbols, shapes, and colors that you did.

For example, you can explain that you chose the smiling face because you’re a funny person.

Then, be specific about the type of feedback you are seeking.

For example, you might want to know if your color choice is appropriate for a school project or what they might change about the logo to better represent who you are.

Send your request.

The person will receive an email with your note and the link to the drawing with your logo.

Your partner can let you know when they are done adding feedback by adding your email address into a comment.

Open the email from your partner with their comments and suggestions.

If you wish, reply to their comments.

Decide if you want to implement the suggestions.

Then, resolve the comments.

Asking for feedback helps you turn your logo into a symbol that more effectively expresses your identity and personality.

Now, it’s your turn: Share your logo with someone, Set editing permissions, Ask for specific forms of feedback, Implement the suggestions that you like, And resolve the comments.

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