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In this extension, you will insert your logo into a project. A logo gives a more personalized look to whatever you add it to. As you work on this extension, you will: Insert your logo into the project you choose, And adjust its placement as needed.

To start, decide what you would like to add your logo to. This video shows a website and school project as examples, but you can choose a social media page, an email signature, or anything else you would like. If you’re adding your logo to a Google site, open a site you already have, or create a new one and give it a title.

Create a title for your webpage. You could use your personal site to highlight a hobby or just share information about a topic. Next, add your logo.

Insert the logo from your Drive.

Then, move your logo to the place where you want it to appear.

If you are personalizing a document, such as a resume or school paper, you may want to create another logo that’s more professional.

Open the document you want to add a logo to. Decide where your logo would look best in the document. If you are writing a school paper, a logo at the top will look professional.

Place your cursor where you want your logo to appear.

Then, insert a linked logo. When you add a linked logo, any changes you make in your logo drawing will automatically be updated in your other projects.

Your text may shift when you add your logo. Be sure to wrap your text and reposition any text that moved. You may also need to adjust the size of the logo.

Now, it’s your turn: Insert your logo into the project you choose, And adjust its placement as needed.

Choose an Extension
Explore Other Visual Effects for Your Logo

Experiment with changing your logo shape or adding Word Art or an image.

Share Your Logo and Ask for Feedback

Share your logo and ask for feedback.. Then, decide which suggestions to implement.

Add Your Logo to a Project

Add your logo to a project, such as a Google site or school paper.