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Some logos have entire words in them. Others use a single letter.

Adding words, initials, or a letter to a logo can help you show more of your identity in your logo.

In this video, you will add text to your personal logo.

First, decide on the font style you would like to use.

Fonts are unique designs of text. Different font styles can communicate different things about you.

Some fonts are playful... Some are more serious...

And some can be easier or harder to read than others.

To begin selecting a font, return to your drawing. Think about what type of font might reflect your personality and match the way you want people to see you.

If you’re bold and confident, choose a font with thick, dark a headline.

Or choose an artsy font if that’s a quality you would like to show in your logo.

If you don’t see a font you would like, select “More Fonts” for additional choices.

Now, double-click on your shape. When you see the cursor appear, type a word or letter.

Remember that this is a personal logo you can use on your social media page or website.

You may want to use your first name or the initial of your first name to make it clear that your logo represents “you.”

You can also type words from your list that represent you in your logo. Insert text boxes where you would like to place the words. You don’t need to represent everything on your list in your logo...just choose a few things to concentrate on.

Increase the font size so you can clearly see your letters.

Then, experiment with different font styles to find those that communicate your personality.

Make the other words the same font size and style or experiment with different choices.

Then, format your text with a different color. Use whatever colors you like or ones that represent you from your list.

Now, it’s your turn: Type text in your logo, Choose a font style, Increase the font size, And add color to your text.


  1. Type text in your logo.
  2. Choose a font style.
  3. Increase the font size.
  4. Add color to your text.