4. Add a Fill Color and Border Color to Your Logo

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Using color or a combination of colors can personalize your logo and help people recognize it as yours. In this video, you will add color to your logo. Then, you will outline your logo with a different color border.

When choosing colors for your logo, you can use colors that you like....

Colors that represent something about you, such as green if you like gardening...

Or colors that have specific meaning to you, like purple if you’re ambitious.

To begin adding colors to your logo, first return to the browser tab with your list.

As you look at the phrases and symbols, think of a color they remind you of. For example, a heart might remind you of the color red. Your list may already include colors that you like, so feel free to use them in your logo if you wish.

If you do not want to match a color with a phrase, that’s okay.

You can just choose colors that you like or that represent something about you, like your culture.

In your drawing, select your main shape.& Then, explore the different solid colors and gradients on the color palette. Gradient colors gradually transition from one color to another.

Next, add color to any other shapes in your logo.

Then, add a border color. Try different colors to see what looks best.

Adjust the thickness of the border to make it stand out.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose colors for the shapes in your logo, Add a border color, And adjust the thickness of the border.


  1. Choose colors for the shapes in your logo.
  2. Add a border color.
  3. Adjust the thickness of the border.