6. Build a Book Report in Google Slides Wrap-Up

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Books can contain large amounts of information, and making a book report helps you to understand and analyze what you’ve read.

Making a book report also helps you express your thoughts in an organized way to your teacher, class, or other audience.

Using presentation slides to build a book report gives you the flexibility to arrange text on slides the way you want and helps you organize and write your thoughts more clearly.

And your report is ready to present to an audience if you need to later on.

In this lesson, you created a new presentation and renamed it.

You added a slide and typed in the title of your book.

You described the characters and the setting of the story on a slide.

You also added a slide to describe the plot of the story, with its conflicts and the resolution.

And then ended the report with your thoughts about the book.

You created a book report that includes the important elements you should describe about a book.

The skills you used to build your book report can be used to analyze and present all kinds of information, like a presentation for a science project.

Using presentation slides helps you be creative in how you share ideas and present information.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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