3. Add Slides for Characters and Setting

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In this video, you will add slides to your report to describe the main characters in the book and where the story takes place.

To begin, add a new slide to start a new section.

Type a title.

Consider who the main characters are and add them.

Describe what makes them important to the story.

If you’re adding more than one character, organize your information in a list so that it's easy to read.

Then, add the other characters who are important to the story.

Next, add a new slide for the setting, and give it a title.

Describe the setting.

Consider the geographic locations where the story happens and add details about them.

Maybe the story takes place in another country or an imaginary land.

If the story happens during a certain time, you could describe what that was like.

Maybe it happens in the future or during a historical event.

You could describe the weather. Is it rainy or bright and sunny there?

You might want to mention what is unique or rare about the places in the story or the residents that live there.

Add another slide if you need more space.


  1. Add a slide and give it a title.
  2. List the characters.
  3. Add a slide and give it a title.
  4. Describe the setting of the story.