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In this video, you will add a title and introduction for your book report.

The first slide in a presentation is the title slide.

The title slide lets your audience know what your presentation is about.

You can also add a subtitle to give additional information, like your name.

Then, add a new slide to introduce your book report.

Give your slide a title.

Then write an introduction that lets your audience know what the report is about.

Include general details about the book in your introduction, such as...

The title of the book, and the author.

Be sure to write in complete sentences.

You could add the genre.

The genre is the category of the book, like fiction or nonfiction.

Fiction stories are not true but made up, and nonfiction stories are based on facts and real events.

The genre might include other details, like whether the book is historical fiction, children’s literature, or a science or travel book.

Your introduction may also include the date the book was published.

Then, type at least one sentence that states what the book is about.

This is the main idea.

The main idea may also include the problem the characters have to solve.

You might also include other details in your book report introduction, like the story’s theme.

This is the lesson or underlying idea of the story.

Add details to the introduction that your teacher assigned or that you would like to include.


  1. Write a title and subtitle.
  2. Add a slide and write a title.
  3. Write an introduction for your book report.