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Share Your Document with a Friend or Family Member

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In the main lesson, you created a document about identifying and avoiding online scams.

In this extension, you will share your document with a friend or family member.

That way, you can use your document to talk to others about online scams and safety.

This helps you to get support from a trusted adult, or warn a friend who is at risk of doing something dangerous online.

To begin, open your project.

Then, share it with a friend or relative by using their email address.

Set sharing permissions.

“Can edit” allows the person you share with to edit your document.

“Can comment” allows them to leave comments and make suggestions.

And “can view” allows them to read your document without making changes.

Then, let them know you shared your document with them.

Add a message explaining your project and what you’re sharing.

After you’ve shared your document, explain your project and ask the person to read through it.

Talk to the person you shared it with about online scams.

Discuss the things that happened to KaMar in the main lesson.

Ask for their thoughts and opinions about the scam in this lesson...

And ask them about their experiences with online scams.

You might ask: What types of scams they’ve seen online, How they stay safe and avoid scams, And if they have any additional advice about how to identify scams.

Use what you’ve learned in this lesson to start conversations and raise awareness about online safety and scams.

Now, it’s your turn: Share your document with a friend or family member by email, Set sharing permissions, Write a note telling the person about your project, And discuss online scams with them.

Choose an Extension
Search Online to Learn More About Scams
Conduct online research to learn more about online scams and add new information to your group’s document.
Draft an Email to Report a Scam
Draft an email to report a scam to a website.
Create a Poster to Teach Others About Online Scams
Create a poster in Google Drawings to remind others how to identify and avoid online scams.
Share Your Document with a Friend or Family Member
Share your document with a friend or family member and start a conversation about how to identify and avoid online scams.
Research How to Report an Online Scam to Law Enforcement
Search for information about how to report an online scam to law enforcement and add that information to your document.
Check an Email for Detailed Sender Information
Learn how to check email metadata and full headers in Gmail to confirm the authenticity of an email and identify whether it’s suspicious or not.
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