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Search Online to Learn More About Scams

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In this extension, you will search the internet for more information about online scams and continue adding information to your group document.

To complete the lesson, you will: Search for information online, Add a new section heading to your group document, Add new information about scams to your document in a numbered list, And link your information to the site where it was found.

To begin, make a copy of your group document and rename it at your individual computer.

Then, add a page break at the end of your project.

This moves any work after your original project to a new page.

Add a new section heading for online research.

Then, start a numbered list.

Now, open a new browser tab and navigate to Google dot com.

Search for information about online scams and how to avoid them.

Search for specific terms like “how to avoid online scams” or “how to identify a scam online.”

Use reliable resources, such as official government websites and consumer protection information.

When you find a resource, switch back to your document and add it to the numbered list beneath your heading.

Give the resource a title.

This might be based on the content you found or the name of the website.

Your teacher may also tell you to use a specific citation style.

Then, link your resource back to the website where you found it.

Type a brief description after the link.

Continue adding resources and linking them until you have added at least four resources with links.

Great work.

Use your research skills to learn more about how to identify and avoid online scams.

Now, it’s your turn: Insert a page break, Add a heading for online research, Add a numbered list, Search for, add, and describe at least four resources, And link to each resource title.

Choose an Extension
Search Online to Learn More About Scams
Conduct online research to learn more about online scams and add new information to your group’s document.
Draft an Email to Report a Scam
Draft an email to report a scam to a website.
Create a Poster to Teach Others About Online Scams
Create a poster in Google Drawings to remind others how to identify and avoid online scams.
Share Your Document with a Friend or Family Member
Share your document with a friend or family member and start a conversation about how to identify and avoid online scams.
Research How to Report an Online Scam to Law Enforcement
Search for information about how to report an online scam to law enforcement and add that information to your document.
Check an Email for Detailed Sender Information
Learn how to check email metadata and full headers in Gmail to confirm the authenticity of an email and identify whether it’s suspicious or not.
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