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Draft an Email to Report a Scam

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In this extension, you will write an email to a website to report a scam.

You will: Add a page break and a heading for a draft of your email, List information to include when reporting a scam, And draft an email to an online site and report a scam.

To begin, make a copy of your group document and rename it at your individual computer.

Then, add a page break at the end of your project to begin your draft on a new page, after your original project.

Add a new section heading for an Email Draft to Report a Scam.

Next, add a subheading to outline the things that you would want to put in an email reporting a scam.

Use bullet points to: list the things you would need to include to explain the situation, give details about the scam and scammer, and ask for support from the website.

Think about the type of information that a company needs to understand a scam, like: When it happened, How the scammer contacted you, What the scammer asked for, And contact information and email records, if you have them Add at least four elements to be included in the email.

Then, add a subheading for your draft and begin writing your email.

Include a greeting to start your email.

Explain why you’re writing in the first sentence.

Then, briefly summarize what happened and include details about the transaction.

Add at least five sentences.

If you can, include details about the scammer.

Try to remember any important information about the scammer from the story in the main lesson.

Then, add a sentence that mentions or asks what else you can provide to help catch the scammer.

Finally, thank the person and type a closing.

Now, it’s your turn: Make a copy of your document, Insert a page break and add headings, Make a list of sites or services where scams can occur, List things to include when reporting a scam, And draft your email.

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