4. Write an Email: Request and Closing

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In this video, you will write the second part of an email asking someone to be your reference.

This includes a request and closing. Your request should be polite and professional, and it should include relevant information about your application.

Before you make your direct request, include the name of the organization and position you are applying for. For example, you might be applying for a summer internship with a company or for a job as a camp counselor.

Next, make your request. Be polite, clear and concise.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude with a sincere “thank you.”

Let your reference know that you appreciate their help.

Finally, write a closing. End your email with a courteous closing such as “Best Regards” or “Sincerely.”

If you know your reference well, sign with just your first name. If you do not know your reference well, or do not write to them frequently, use your first and last name.

Before you send your email, reread it. Make sure it includes all the necessary information.

Check for spelling and grammar errors. If you need a reference now, send the email.

Or, if you're practicing for later, save the email as a draft.

If you're asking the person to provide information in a letter, remember to make your request well in advance of the application deadline.

Now, it’s your turn: Write a request and closing, Check your email for spelling and grammar errors, And send or save your email.


  1. Write a request and closing.
  2. Check your email for spelling and grammar errors.
  3. Send or save your email.