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In this video, you will create a table in a document and list the names of at least three possible references.

Creating a table is a convenient way to organize important information.

You can use your table to keep track of your references.

To begin, insert a table with three columns and four rows into your document.

Add headings to the top of each column to show what kind of information to enter.

A heading is a title that appears at the top of a document.

Use the heading “Activity” for the left column, “Reference” for the middle column, and “Email Address” for the right column.

Format your headings to make them stand out clearly.

Then, brainstorm at least three activities that you have participated in.

Think of activities you enjoyed that show your skills and strengths.

In addition to paid jobs, these could be things like volunteer work, sports, or academics.

Next, think about the person who supervised each activity. This could be an employer, coach, teacher, or other supervisor. These people know about your skills and character, and can serve as possible references. Finally, add an email address for each person.

This will make it easy to find when you send them a message. If you don’t have their email address, search for it online. Now that you’ve filled in your table, move on to the next video to start writing an email to ask someone to be your reference.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a table in your document, List at least three activities, And list the names and email addresses of at least three possible references.


  1. Create a table in your document.
  2. List at least three activities.
  3. List the names and email addresses of at least three possible references.