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5. Share Your Table and Receive Teacher Feedback

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In this video, you will share your table with your teacher and ask them for feedback.

Most likely, you have some additional strengths that you didn’t add to the table.

Your teacher can help point these out to you.

Your academic strengths will later grow into valuable life skills so it’s important to reflect on them.

For example, if you enjoy presenting projects in class, you might want to use this strength to find a job that requires public speaking in your future.

Sharing your table will also allow your teacher to add comments about other types of help.

It’s possible that you have more support options available than you know!

Your teacher can help you add the resources in your table.

To begin, read through your table and check to make sure your ideas are clear.

You may have jotted down ideas quickly, so double check that your teacher will understand the sentences in your table.

Fixing any errors will avoid confusion and allow your teacher to effectively add comments.

Then, share your table with your teacher.

Enter your teacher’s email address.

Select the permission you want to use: "Viewer" lets them see your Document only.

"Editor" means your teacher can make changes directly in your Document.

And "Commenter" means they can leave comments, but it will not edit the Document.

Choose "Commenter."

That way, your teacher can see your document and add suggestions to it.

Add a note to your teacher to let them know what you would like help with.

Then, share your document.

If there are specific areas of your table where you know you want teacher feedback, you can add a comment.

Comments are one of the features that allow you to collaborate in Google Docs.

A comment draws specific attention to an area of a document.

You can add a comment as a note to yourself, or you can tag someone in a comment to makesure that specific person sees it.

For example, if you are unsure of the strengths in one area, leave acomment to ask your teacher for feedback.

Then, assign the comment to your teacher by tagging them.

This will notify your teacher to check out the specific area where you tagged them.

Next, practice adding a comment.

Choose a specific area in your document to leave a comment for your teacher.

Tag them in the comment with their email address.

If you make a mistake adding a comment, don’t worry.

You can either delete or edit your comment easily.

Keep an eye on your document to see when your teacher replies to you.

Once you receive the teacher's comments, incorporate their suggestions into your table.

For example, add any strengths of yours that your teacher has made you aware of.

Include more details in the help section if they have mentioned a study group or office hours you didn’t already note.

After adding the information to your table, you can resolve the comments to close the discussion.

The comment will disappear, but you can continue to access it in the comment history if needed.

Now it’s your turn: Proofread your document, share your document, leave a comment on your document for your teacher or classmate, incorporate feedback into your table, and close comments.


  1. Proofread your Document.
  2. Share your Document.
  3. Leave a comment on your document for your teacher or classmate.
  4. Incorporate feedback into your table.
  5. Close comments.