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2. Insert a Table in Your Doc

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In this video, you will choose one subject that you want support in and insert a table in your document.

This lesson will start with one class, but it’s a good idea to know where to get support in all your classes.

Choose one subject to start with for now.

Then, you can use the skills you learn in this lesson to make more tables for your other classes.

The table will be a visual guide of help options for the subject you choose.

First, you will list your strengths in this subject.

Knowing your strengths is important when asking for help.

It’s important to have a clear understanding of yourself and how you work best.

For example, maybe one of your strengths is that you take great notes in class, but you struggle with quizzes.

You might want help organizing your notes into a study guide you can use to prepare for a quiz.

Reflecting on your strengths helps build confidence.

And when you know what you are good at, you can use your strengths to grow.

After listing your strengths, list your areas for improvement.

Knowing where you need improvement helps you stay self aware.

You can focus on asking for help in these areas and use your strengths to guide you.

For example, if you struggle with quizzes, you can add that as an area for improvement.

Or maybe you often get confused when your teacher is presenting new material.

Once you know where you need help, you can map out your resources of how and where to find it.

Everybody needs different types of support so it’s important to think about what works best for you.

For example, if you don’t not feel comfortable raising your hand during class, you can choose other ways to ask questions.

Maybe you feel more comfortable staying after class or going to a teacher’s office hours to ask questions.

Or perhaps you get nervous when working in a group.

If you know this about yourself, you can find the appropriate types of support to work through your anxiety.

You might find support in a study group or by talking to a counselor.

There are often many resources at school and in your community to help you face various challenges.

While you create this table, you will reflect on which types of support you feel most comfortable asking for and which types will benefit you most.

To begin, decide which class you will create a table for.

You may want to choose a subject that you find most difficult or that you dislike the most.

Oftentimes, disliking a subject means it’s the most difficult one.

Then, rename your document using the subject you chose and your name.

The document will automatically save in your Drive with the new name so you can easily return to it at any point.

Next, add a title to the body of the document and include the subject name.

Format the text as the title and center it.

The title in the document helps keep your page looking organized and easy to read.

Then, insert a table.

Start with a table that is 4 by 6.

This means it will have 4 vertical columns and 6 horizontal rows.

You can always delete or add more rows and columns later if you needed.

Now it's your turn: Choose a subject, add a title to your document, and insert a table.


  1. Choose a subject.
  2. Add a title to your document.
  3. And insert a table.