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6. Ask For Help with Google Docs Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you learned how to ask for help and created a table with all your help options for a class.

You learned that asking for help is an important part of the learning process.

As you completed this lesson you: Created a new document in Google Docs, inserted a table into the document, formatted the table, reflected on your strengths, areas for improvement, and help options and filled in the table with your ideas, shared the table and asked for feedback, and added comments and incorporated feedback from your teacher.

Creating a digital table like this can help you keep track of your support in one, easy to find place.

Documenting your needs in a table makes it easy to share with your teacher so they can help you succeed.

This table can help you advocate for yourself and find the help you need.

Asking for help shows your teacher that you are a dedicated learner.

Sometimes teachers need your help to know what is best for you.

Clear communication around your needs will help you in school and later in your career or workplace.

Everyone needs different types of help.

It’s important to reflect on your own strengths and challenges so you can find the type of help that supports you best.

Everyone has different resources available to them for support.

Some people might seek help from a tutor or a parent and others may seek help from the community.

Wherever you are, help is available.

Creating a table like this one can be useful in many situations.

You can make a table when creating a budget, planning a vacation, or dividing up chores.

You can apply what you learned in this lesson to organize many types of information and to practice asking for help when you need it.

Knowing how to ask for help and communicate your needs are skills you will be able to use throughout your life.

Everyone needs help sometimes.

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Certificate of Completion

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