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2. Share Your Project with Feedback Partners

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In this video, you will choose a project you have already completed, then share it with your feedback partners.

After you spend a long time working on a project, it can be hard to spot areas that still need improvement or clarification.

It is nearly impossible to see your work the way someone new sees it.

This is one of the reasons why sharing your work and getting feedback is so important.

You can ask for feedback from anyone whose judgement you trust, and who is willing to help.

For example, if you ask your teacher for feedback about your book report, they may have suggestions about how to make it clearer or better organized.

They may even find a mistake that you missed.

You could ask your classmates or friends for feedback on a new cookie recipe.

Choose a project to share with your feedback partners.

You can share: a short piece of writing, a presentation, a drawing or painting, a video or short film, or even a dance performance or skit.

Your teacher may also assign you a project to use in this lesson.

Choose a project that you would like to improve, and one that will take around 5 minutes for your feedback partners to read, watch, see, or experience.

Make sure you can share this project easily with other people, using a link or a shared document.

If you choose a written project, make sure it is just a few paragraphs long.

If you have a longer project that you would like feedback on, select a section of that project to share with your feedback partners.

To begin, open the project you would like feedback on, or one your teacher has assigned.

Share your project with three to five classmates.

Your teacher may assign your feedback partners to you.

Now, it’s your turn: Select a project to share with your feedback partners, and share it with three to five partners.


  1. Select a project to share with your feedback partners.
  2. Share the link with 3-5 partners.