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5. Preview and Edit Your Form

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Your feedback form is almost ready to send!

A thoughtful, error-free feedback form gives you the best chance of receiving useful feedback from your feedback partners. In this video, you will use “Preview Mode” to see what your feedback form will look like to your feedback partners.

To start, open the preview.

Read through each question.

Check for errors or confusing wording.

To make changes, go back to the tab that shows your feedback form in edit mode… And select the question you want to edit.

Preview mode allows you to see your feedback form the way your partners will receive it, which is why it is the best format to use for proofreading and editing your form.

Now, it’s your turn: Read your feedback form in Preview Mode, and make any changes in Edit Mode.


  1. Read your feedback form in Preview Mode.
  2. Make any changes in Edit Mode.