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3. Create Your Feedback Form

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In this video, you will create a feedback form with specific questions about your project.

You will send this form to your feedback partners to collect their ideas about what you are doing well and where you can improve.

To start, create a new blank Google Form.

Give your survey a title.

In the Form Description, tell people what your survey is about.

In this case, you’re asking for feedback on your project.

Use the form description to thank your feedback partners for sharing their honest thoughts and opinions.

And add a link to your project, so they can access it easily.

Now add questions that you’d like to ask your feedback partners.

The most helpful feedback is specific, so make your questions specific too.

Write your first question directly into the feedback form.

You could ask what your feedback partners think about the length of the project… What they think the main ideas are… Or which specific areas of your project could be improved.

Ask open-ended questions that give your feedback partners the chance to give a detailed response, rather than “yes or no” questions.

Add at least five specific, open-ended questions to your feedback form.

Google Forms may suggest a format for your question.

If Google Forms suggests a "yes" or "no" response to your question, rephrase it so you can collect more specific feedback.

Now, it’s your turn: Open and title a new Google Form, Add a form description, and add at least five specific questions to your feedback form.


  1. Open and title new Google Form.
  2. Add the form description.
  3. Add at least five questions to your feedback form.