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4. Choose Question Types

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In this video, you will select a format for every question, based on the type of information you want to receive from your feedback partners. You can collect information from your feedback partners in a few different ways.

Open-ended questions allow your feedback partner to write an answer in their own words.

For those questions, use short answer or paragraph format.

“Short answer” allows your feedback partners to type in a few words or a brief sentence.

“Paragraph” allows them to write a longer response and include more details.

There are also question types that allow your feedback partner to choose from a few answers, like multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown and linear scale.

Open-ended questions tend to be the most helpful way to receive feedback on a project, since your partners can answer your questions in their own words, and even give you examples.

Once you have chosen all your question types, decide which two questions are most important.

Then, mark those questions “Required.”

This will require your feedback partner to answer each question in order to complete the survey.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a type for each of your questions, and mark two questions as required.


  1. Choose a type for each of your questions.
  2. Mark two questions required.