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8. Ask for Feedback Wrap-Up

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Feedback can help you perform better in school, at work, and in life, and can make you a better communicator and collaborator.

In this lesson, you created a feedback form to collect information about a project.

You: chose and shared a project, created a new form with questions about your project, sent your form to your feedback partners, and reviewed the feedback you received.

You may not always agree with the feedback you receive. That’s ok!

It is important to carefully consider any feedback you get, but you do not have to change your project based on other people’s suggestions.

Even when it comes from someone you trust, feedback is still one person’s perspective.

Whether or not you decide to change a project based on someone’s feedback you receive, getting feedback is still worthwhile, because it will help you to think about your work in a new way.

There are lots of other uses for Google Forms.

You can use them to help plan an event, to create a sign-up sheet for an activity, or to help your business collect information from customers.

Now you know how to ask for and receive specific feedback from peers, classmates, teachers, almost anyone!

With feedback on your side, there’s no limit to how much you can improve: in school, at your job, in every aspect of your life.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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