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In this video, you will do research and find evidence to support each of the points you made.

A solid argument needs evidence to support it, or help prove that it’s true.

Articles, like research studies from reliable sources can help support a point in favor of or against something.

A reliable source is a source of information that provides reasons based on strong evidence.

Reliable sources can include articles written by researchers or professionals in a specific field.

Magazine and newspaper articles might also be considered reliable if they use reliable sources themselves.

Because anyone can be writing them and the information may be inaccurate or not up to date, be careful of using blogs and some websites as reliable sources.

Websites that end in dot e-d-u or dot g-o-v can usually be considered reliable.

These are websites associated with universities and government agencies.

To begin, return to your second slide.

Use the Explore button to search, typing in keywords from your first point.

Then, search for a reliable source that can help support your point.

To make sure you are getting up-to-date information, try to choose more recently published articles.

On the slide, type two pieces of evidence you find in your own words from the source.

As you use each source, keep its website tab open because you will be getting information from them in the next video.

Now, follow the same process for the third slide.

And the fourth.

If you need to, filter the search results to get the more recent articles.

Now, it’s your turn: Search for a reliable source to provide evidence for each of your points, And type two key pieces of evidence for each point.


  1. Search for a reliable source to provide evidence for each of your points.
  2. Type two key pieces of evidence for each point.