Kick off the new school year with lessons from our Back to School 2022 collection to help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organized.
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To get ready for a smooth and successful first lesson...

Review the sample project in the lesson plan, Preview the videos, Review the rubric with students, Ensure that you have the equipment you need, And anticipate potential technology issues.

Let’s discuss each of these steps one by one.

First, review the sample project in the lesson plan.

Decide if you will adapt the project to another subject area or to align more with current content.

In the lesson plan, read over the objectives, As well as the descriptions and estimated timings for each video.

Next, preview the videos.

Note skills in the lesson that students may find challenging.

You can find a list of skills that students commonly find challenging in the “Monitor Student Progress” article in the Help Center.

If the lesson has a rubric, review it with students so they know how you will be assessing their projects.

Before the lesson, ensure that you have the equipment you need.

It’s recommended that each student have a computer with an internet connection, a set of headphones, and a Google account, but students can also share computers if needed.

Finally, anticipate potential technology issues.

But first, realize that glitches are common and that teaching with technology does not mean that you need to be an expert at it.

To prepare for your lesson, check to make sure that all technology is working properly and practice ahead of time to ensure that the websites you need aren’t blocked.

Ask your school or library administrator to provide access if they are.

For each lesson, you can also download the videos to use Applied Digital Skills offline and save them locally to your computers.

Visit the Help Center for other tips about handling potential issues with technology.

The Help Center also has many other resources to assist you as you begin teaching Applied Digital Skills and continue to use the curriculum.

Now, you’re all set to teach your first lesson!

Move on to the next video to learn tips on making it a successful one.