Kick off the new school year with lessons from our Back to School 2022 collection to help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organized.

7. Assess Your First Lesson and Start Planning Your Next One

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Now that you’re finished teaching your first Applied Digital Skills lesson...

Use the rubric to assess student projects, Check student performance on the end-of-lesson assessment, Assess what went well and what you might change for next time, Plan continued learning opportunities, Share your students’ work, And plan your next lesson!

First, use the rubric to assess student projects.

You can customize the rubric as needed, depending on what you want to assess.

Then, check student responses on the end-of-lesson assessment to assess student learning.

Note any skills that students may need additional practice with in the future.

Next, think about what you feel went well in the lesson and what you might change for next time.

For example, you might decide to adapt the lesson in some way to better meet your curriculum needs.

Continue to plan learning opportunities for students to use the digital skills they practiced in the lesson.

You might assign one of the extensions that appear at the end of each lesson, Or move from a lesson like “Manage Your Time with Google Sheets,” To “Organize Group Projects in Google Sheets” to reinforce the same digital concepts.

Next, share your students’ work with the larger school community.

This might mean sharing a presentation they made with someone they appreciate.

Or sharing their work in a school newsletter or at a professional development meeting.

Finally, plan your next Applied Digital Skills lesson! New lessons are added regularly so check back often. For assistance as you continue to use Applied Digital Skills, visit the Help Center for teacher support and answers to frequently asked questions.

Find out more about Applied Digital Skills and other educational programs at Grow with Google.

Here, you can learn more about how to use Google tools in the classroom in the online courses and product guides provided at the Google for Education Teacher Center.

On behalf of everyone on the Applied Digital Skills team, thank you for joining us.

We hope you had fun learning how to bring digital skills to life and helping your students become successful problem solvers for today and tomorrow.