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How Technology Affects Human Interaction

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Being a Good Digital Citizen
Discover the world of good digital citizenship.
Drones and Privacy
Learn about how privacy laws affect the use of drones.
Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology
Learn about the benefits and concerns related to using wearable technology.
Passwords and Personal Security
Discover how passwords protect your personal security and how they are targeted by hackers.
How Technology Affects Human Interaction
Learn about how technology both aids and hinders human interactions.
The World of Online Gaming
Discover the risks and benefits of playing games in the connected online world.
Protecting Your Information from Strangers--and Friends
Learn about the importance of being careful when sharing personal information online.
Social Media and Mental Health
Learn how social media use may contribute to mental health conditions such as loneliness, depression, and anxiety.
Connected But Lonely: Building Relationships Through Technology
Discover how technology changes how we interact online and our interpersonal relationships.
What Data are You Leaving Behind?
Explore the concept of your "digital footprint" and how your online activities influence your reputation.
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