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1. Unit Wrap

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In this unit, you learned about source credibility and wrote a fake article with a partner.

Then, you used basic and advanced internet searches to research a topic of your choice.

You took research notes in a document, then organized them and wrote a brief paragraph with the information you found.

Finally, you coded a welcome message for your research document and made it visually exciting using HTML.

As you can see, it takes lots of steps to develop an idea into a completed project.

The website Wikipedia is a great example of developing content collaboratively.

When someone creates a Wikipedia entry, they decide on a topic, research it, and develop it into an article to inform others.

Anyone in the Wikipedia community can add, change, or comment on entries.

A Wikipedia page can also be “flagged” with warnings if users believe it is not credible.

Finally, coding is used to make the pages look more engaging and to add informative and entertaining images.

You can use what you learned in this unit in any project, like a blog post, a research paper, or a piece of art.

The ability to easily share and interact with others in real time can infuse your projects with energy and inspiration.

Use some of the techniques you learned in your next project!