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When you share your code, you make it possible for others to see, change, and improve upon what you created.

Developers share and adapt each other’s code all the time, which benefits the entire programming community.

In this extension, you will share the code from your Google Slides script editor with a partner.

Your partner will learn from your programming to create their own progress bar.

To start, open a new tab in your browser.

Then, open your presentation with the progress bar from your Drive.

Open the Share settings.

Enter your partner’s email address.

Then, select the permission you want to use: edit means the person you share with can make changes directly in your presentation, comment allows them to make comments, but not change the presentation, and view lets them see your presentation only.

Give your partner viewing permissions.

Add a note so your partner knows how to use the code.

Finally, send it to your partner.

Great job!

As you learn more about programming, keep sharing your code to save other people time and effort.

Now, it’s your turn: open your presentation in Drive, share the presentation with a partner, and write a note explaining what you are sharing.

Choose an extension
Share Your Code
Share your code so that your partner can from your programming to create their own progress bar.
Duplicate Multiple Slides and Extend Your Progress Bar
Insert additional slides in your presentation then run the script editor again so the progress bar appears throughout the entire expanded presentation
Troubleshoot Common Programming Errors
Read and interpret error messages, and solve the problems in your code.
Copy Your Code to Try a New Fill Color
Make a copy of the code and then change the color in your progress bar.
Add a Progress Bar in Google Forms
Make your surveys, quizzes, and forms more user-friendly by showing a progress bar.
Assign a Custom Color with Hex Codes
Change a font color in your presentation using a hex color code.
See more extensions
Choose one or more extensions to add more features to your code and learn more ways to use progress bars.