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Duplicate Multiple Slides and Extend Your Progress Bar

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In this extension, you will insert additional slides in your presentation.

Then, you will run your code in the script editor again, so the progress bar appears throughout the entire expanded presentation.

To start, open the presentation with your progress bar.

In the main lesson, you added slides to your presentation one at a time.

Now, you will add multiple slides at once.

Select every slide in your presentation.

To select multiple slides, hold down the shift key as you select each slide.

Then, right-click on one of the slides and duplicate the selected slides.


Now you have ten slides in your presentation.

Repeat the process.

This time, select all ten slides.

As a shortcut, hold down the shift key, and click on the first and last slides.

Then duplicate all ten slides.

Repeat the process one more time.

You should have forty slides in your presentation total.

Look at the last slide.

Although it is slide number forty, there are only five shapes in the progress bar.

When you last ran the progress bar code, there were only five slides in your presentation.

Run the code again to apply it to all the new slides.

Open the script editor, and run your function.

Then, return to your presentation to check that the progress bar updated to show the correct number of shapes.

If not, don’t worry.

Go back to the script editor, and troubleshoot the problem.

Nice work!

You updated your script to match an expanded presentation.

Now, it’s your turn: open your presentation in Drive, duplicate multiple slides until you have forty total, open the script editor, and rerun the function, and confirm that your progress bar appears on each slide.

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Duplicate Multiple Slides and Extend Your Progress Bar

Insert additional slides in your presentation then run the script editor again so the progress bar appears throughout the entire expanded presentation

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